Harrison Bergeron
Updated: 2/13/2020
Harrison Bergeron

Storyboard Text

  • Harrison Bergeron
  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Yessmina MikhailEnglish 2 Block 3February 12 , 2020
  • Climax
  • Equality had been achieved and everyone was finally considered equal.
  • Falling Action
  • George and Hazel were watching ballerinas when suddenly there is a broadcast. The broadcast says Harrison has broke free.
  • Denouement.
  • Harrison has interrupted the ballerinas dance. He gets on stage and states how he is the greatest and then asks for a volunteer, a ballerina then volunteers. They danced.
  • While Harrison is having his moment with the ballerina they both were killed.
  • George was upset and crying , he had seen Harrison and the ballerina die but couldn't think of why he was crying. This left Hazel concerned. Georges thoughts were left wandering as his handicap went off.