Social Studies Chapter 8 - Project
Updated: 1/28/2020
Social Studies Chapter 8 - Project
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  • George Washington's Presidency
  • Hello! I'm George Washington, President of the United States!
  • Hamilton's Financial Plan
  • My Plan: 1. Pay Debt 2. National Bank3. High Tariff
  • Whisky Rebellion
  • During George Washington's presidency he helped improve the economy and avoided wars with the British. He now had a functioning federal government In his farewell address he wanted everyone to avoid political parties and stay neutral.
  • Republican's vs. Federalists
  • Hamilton's financial plan had three steps. The first step was to pay back the debt they owed to the federal government. The second step was to create a national bank. Lastly, the third step was to make everyone pay more for the goods they'd buy so that they could raise money for the federal government or high tariff.
  • XYZ Affair
  • X
  • Y
  • Z
  • The Whisky Rebellion was when the Republicans got upset about the High tariff that Alexander Hamilton placed. George Washington sent a Militia to stop the rebellion.
  • Alien and Sedition Acts
  • The Republicans and Federalists both had completely opposite opinions. the republicans believed that the common people should have power and the Federalists believed that the wealthy people should have power. The republicans also believed in a state government and the federalists believed in a strong federal government.
  • The XYZ Affair was when arguments between France and U.S increased and John Adams sent over three people to France. Then the French tried to bribe the U.S agents and they said no. The federalists wanted war with France and republicans didn't want war with France.
  • The Alien act was when a person had to live in the U.S for 5-14 years to become a citizen. The Sedition Act was when it would be a crime for anyone to speak or say anything insulting about the government.
  • I'm a citizen now!!
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