Updated: 12/9/2020

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  • My Law
  • Increase taxes on the top 1 percent in the world when renting any private transportation. However, tax will only apply to states with tax transportation lower than 5 percent.
  • Current Situation
  • Poverty is one of the biggest problems in the world that has yet to be resolved in a sufficient way. The poverty line keeps increasing as the world advances. Today poverty is living with only $1.90 or less a day. Being in poverty is difficult. Many don't have clean clothes for every day of the week or even month. Many cannot afford or even have transportation to receive fair education, Kids are becoming malnourished, people experience starvation, they have no secure homes. Parents struggle and walk for miles to get clean/fresh water. They leave and try to find work to support their family but most jobs want their employees to have an education. About 8 percent of the global population lives in poverty. That's about 6oo million, less than what it was in 1990 which was 1.8 billion. There has been progress. However, it is not enough.
  • Obstacles
  • Many of the upper class do not want to pay much for anything. Therefore, they find loopholes to trick the system, so they won't have to pay anything. This will not be accepted. Every loophole will be diminished to ensure that everyone is contributing. COVID-19 has also caused many more to go into poverty. People are losing their jobs because of stores and restaurants being closed. Therefore, having no income and living off whatever they have saved IF they even have anything saved. Many live paycheck to paycheck and many don’t have a paycheck at all. Trying to follow guidelines and take precautions make it difficult to really give people what they need.
  • Another issue with decreasing poverty is that the government cannot fund everything. They cannot be the only source of support. Because of the atmosphere that most poor communities are in, it can be hard to modernize/build the town because of the need to bring all supplies; these areas usually do not have much therefore, needing a lot and the costs add up; these areas aren’t supported by the government, its up to self-made organizations to raise the money, bring the materials and do the work. There is also the issue of inequality. Women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. In today's day and age, society is too obsessed with social and wealth status that greedy and selfish is the new norm. Society it too wrapped up in itself to realize the damage being done.
  • Obstacles Cont'd
  • Because our world today is selfish, gender equality will take ages to occur. Some say it isn't fair to raise taxes on the 1 percent because not everybody is the same with their money. Some have worked extremely hard to get the lifestyle they have. They believe it isn't fair that they should have to give more than the lower classes because they worked just as hard to earn more. This is a fair argument however, because the tax will only be on transportation services it will not increase the amount of annual taxes they need to provide. Only if they chose to travel and want the comfort of having private rides. Therefore, not needing to take more from the people who have worked hard for their money but, also making the luxury of traveling privately cost a little more due to wanting the best private transportation of one's choosing.
  • Argument
  • If we increase the tax on private transportation then there will be more money available to put towards housing, schools, food, electricity. There is so much that can be done. There will be a government run organization with trusted officials that will budget the money wisely and separate it into 5 categories: food, clothes, housing, education, and miscellaneous necessities. There will be a total of 5 areas that will be helped at the same time. There will be a team put together for each area; they will go, get to know the area and the people and will provide them with one of the categories mentioned. After about maybe 3-5 months, the teams will rotate and provide the other areas with the items they carry. The hope is that one by one, these areas in need will get the things they need little by little and then all adding up so they can live at least somewhat comfortably (if not fully), if not better than before.
  • Solution
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