Lord of the Wings, By: Peter Welch

Lord of the Wings,    By: Peter Welch

Storyboard Text

  • Lord of the Wings
  • J.R. Tolkin
  • Hello Frodo!Long time, no see.How are things going, here in the Shire?
  • I wonder what brings him back... I hope the Shire is not in danger again!
  • Life is good, Gandolph!
  • We must not be heard! There are ears everywhere...
  • What brings you back to the Shire?
  • Must... have... wings...
  • Come with me, Frodo. We need to speak in private . This cannot wait.
  • This cannot be good
  • It had taken years, for Life in the Shire, to return to the peaceful state of flow it had once been known so well for...
  • ...So you see, Frodo, you MUST go; Middle Earth needs you again, young Hobbit.
  • Oh no! Not Again!
  • But peace is a fragile thing...
  • I hope they have lots of extra napkins...
  • H2
  • Frodo followed Gandolf down to the banks of the river, where the specifics of their conversation would be muted by the sounds of rushing water.
  • Gandolph implored our young hero, to save Middle Earth, once again...Frodo accepted.
  • Thank goodness for Hobitses!
  • It was Wednesday Wing Night, and the spicy Trolls were hungry for some extra fiery wings!...
  • Lord of the WingsUltimate Hot Sauce;One Wing to rule them all, One Wing to find them, One Wing to bring them all and with jalepenos blind them.
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