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The Mistress Mindbreak
Updated: 9/4/2020
The Mistress Mindbreak
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  • your mine! you think this is over ha! Oh and about your wife... WATCH ME
  • I thought you were going to end your relationship with her!!!
  • For the last time, this is over! You cannot keep blowing up my cell ! plz leave me and my wife alone
  • why are you here, you can´t just barge into my office like this!
  • no problem Shelly but whats up
  • Im in because as long as Im promised compensation
  • ok so ik this will sound crazy but i need you to KILL someone for me ik you work at the woman´s fav cafe and its perfect since your work there
  • hi fred thx for coming
  • thats a given
  • Yes, put the powder the powder in her usual cup of tea, as you pose as the new waiter, got it!
  • XXX
  • Okay do you remeber the plan
  • what would you like to orderI would like a milk tea with extra sugarYes mam! Iĺl be right back with that
  • what´s up with her?oh and she looks kinda familiar
  • this is it after this he is all mine hahahaha*menacing laugh*
  • OMG are you okay! Jana, JANAAAA, HELP, AMBULANCE *bff that works at cafe- just got off shift*
  • Hmph, it actually worked...ha now he doesn´t have ti tell her anything
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