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of mice and men
Updated: 10/8/2020
of mice and men
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Storyboard Text

  • Expostion
  • “Gi’me that mouse!”
  • Complicating incident
  • “Oh, so it’s that way.”
  • Rising action
  • “Get ‘im, Lennie!”
  • In the exposition, we are introduced to two men named George and Lennie who are stopping by a tranquil, peaceful scene by a river. They decide to discuss they're hopes and dreams before going off to bed, fore they had work tomorrow.
  • Climax
  • “You let go!”
  • After a few days of working on the farm and meeting a lot of different workers on the farm, one of them being Curley. The reader gets a sense of foreboding when tensions rise between Curley and Lennie.
  • Falling action
  • “George gonna wish he was alone an’ not have me botherin’ him.”
  • One night on the ranch all the men are in the bunkhouse. Carlson and Candy begin to ridicule Curley for being afraid of Slim and Lennie happens to laugh as the men make fun of Curley. ... He then attacks Lennie, who initially backs down and does not fight back. After George commands Lennie to fight back, he grabs Curley's fist in mid-air and crushes his hand.
  • Resoultion
  • “Look acrost the river, Lennie, an’ I’ll tell you so you can almostsee it.”
  • Lennie accidentally kills his puppy and is in the barn mourning when Curleys wife comes in, Looking for someone to talk to. Lennie accidentally pulls on her hair and wont let go, eventually killing her.
  • Lennie makes a run for it before all the other men find Curleys wife. Curley wants to kill Lennie by shooting in the gut, while Carlson accuses Lennie of stealing his gun.
  • The resolution in Of Mice and Men ends with George deciding it would be in Lennies best interest for George ti kill him, peacefully. George does this down by the stream, where the first carved in the first chapter.
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