Indian Imperialism
Updated: 12/10/2019
Indian Imperialism
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  • WW1
  • WW1
  • Amritsar Massacre
  • Two groups, the Hindu Indian national congress and the Muslim league formed and unified to get rid of foreign rule India
  • Civil Disobedience
  • Millions of Indians enlisted in the British army promised reforms that would lead to self-government.When they got back, the promises were not carried out. In response, people carried out acts of violence to show their hatred of British rule.
  • Salt March
  • To protest the Rowlett acts, 10,000 people had an enclose festival to fast, pray, and listen to political speeches. Britain viewed the demonstration as an outburst. They shot into the crowd and 400 Indians dies and 1200 were wounded.
  • Government in India Act
  • Gandhi launches campaign of civil disobedience to weaken British government authority and economic power in India
  • Indians could buy salt from no other source except the British, and there were taxes on it. So, they marched 240 miles to the seacoast to produce salt on their own by letting seawater evaporate.
  • The British pass the Government in India Act. Tis created local self-government and more self rule, and limited democratic elections but not total independence.
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