lord of the flies
Updated: 3/4/2020
lord of the flies

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  • Chapter 7
  • I really need a bath and a haircut
  • You’ll get back all right
  • Chapter 7
  • Maybe hunting isn't such a bad idea
  • Their is a beat beast. Ralph shouldn't be chief because (1) he likes Piggy, (2) he doesn't hunt, and (3) he was scared on the mountain.
  • Chapter 8
  • The boys stop to rest and eat some fruit they’ve found. Ralph, by now quite dirty, wishes that he could take a bath., and cut his hair then he looks around at the other boys and realizes that he’s become used to the conditions of filthiness it has become normal. He sighs, knowing that this isn’t really a good thing.
  • Chapter 9
  • Find this beast , cut his throat spill his blood!!
  • \The boys start on up the mountain again. huge boar comes crashing out of the bushes. Ralph flings his spear, which sticks in the boar’s snout for about a second before falling out. Ralph proudly shouts that he hit the boar, and then decides that maybe hunting is a good thing after all.
  • Chapter 10
  • Jack, trying to take control of the situation, calls an assembly by blowing the conch. He tells the boys that there is a beast and that Ralph shouldn't be chief. He wants to impeach him but nobody agrees so Jack leaves & starts his own tribe.
  • Chapter 11
  • While Ralph, Piggy, and Simon are in the woods trying to find the beast. Jack and his tribe are planning on how to kill the beast for when they find it.
  • While Ralph, Piggy, and Simon are in the woods. Jack and his tribe goo to the camp where Ralph and his tribe are staying and steal piggys glasses
  • Piggy wants his glasses back. Ralph and Jack start to fight. Piggy gets pushed off the mountain and lands on a rock and dies.
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