Updated: 3/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Jesus, your friend Lazarus is sick!
  • Yes lets go to Bethany.
  • Oh no we must go and heal him
  • Bethany
  • Oh my! I am so sorry Martha, I got here as soon as i could
  • Jesus you let my brother die. He is never coming back
  • Please let me bring him back.
  • You let him down!
  • Amen
  • Dear God, let me have the ability to bring Lazarus back to life.
  • He was a kind man and deserves to be with his sisters a little bit longer
  • Oh! I feel lively as ever! Thank you Jesus
  • Lazarus then emerged from his tomb
  • See my friends if you believe in the lord then anything is possible. Lazarus how are you?