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The Brave Knight
Updated: 3/3/2019
The Brave Knight
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  • In a faraway land called the Vale of Gloucetershire, lived a young knight named Louise the Brave. One day, she received an important mission. With the other young knights, she was to protect the castle of her kingdom from being destroyed by evil dragons. The castle was known as the “Life of the Land” and is essential in keeping the Vale of Gloucetershire prosperous. In our bodies, we have special cells that act as knights and fight to keep our bodies free of any germs that can harm us.
  • However, every other time, they would be ready to respond immediately. That is why it was helpful to take the dragon parts and create the best tools to defeat that type of dragon. Now, when the knight saw the same dragon again, they wasted no time in defeating them. They knew exactly how to conquer the dragon with their weapons. Similarly, if our body was not vaccinated, our body will not know how to fight some the germs they encounter because it did not have the practice. By the time our body learns how to fight them, it may be too late.
  • Sir Edward the Small took Louise the Brave to the Chamber of Dragon Consultation, where all the knights of the kingdom sat at a round table. Sir Edward explained to Louise that at this table, the knights must predict the kinds of weapons they will need for the upcoming battle. In our world, scientists get together and create vaccines for diseases that are spreading and for which the current medicines do not help. They discuss what makes this disease unique and use that to create an effective vaccine.
  • Every year, different dragons from neighbouring kingdoms or the depths of the forests came and tried to take down Life of the Land. Each dragon had their unique magical powers. Some had super sharp teeth, some had magical scales, and some had very strong tails to grab the castle parts and pull them apart. The knights figured that they could remove their teeth, tail or even their scales, and then create weapons that can be used to defeat them. Sometimes, they use components of the germ to create the vaccine. This is how the subunit vaccine is created. By taking the important components of the illness-causing germ and introducing it into our bodies beforehand, our body will learn how to kill the disease so it’s prepared for any future attacks.
  • At the round table, the knights discussed the importance of defeating each type of dragon. They thought it was important to always have a scout with weapons on the lookout for the types of dragons they had seen before, and keep a rotation of new weapons to scout for new types of dragons. The knights then get equipped with the necessary tools to defeat the dragons and are sent off to battle. When vaccines are introduced to our bodies, the immune system can use them to easily fight off germs attacking different areas of our bodies.
  • The first time the kingdom encountered a dragon, it may take a long time to find a good weapon to use. At this point, it may be too late and the dragon may have already defeated the castle. If our bodies come across a new germ that our immune system does not recognize, it cannot remember how to fight off the germ quickly enough. The germ can then infect our bodies and make us sick.
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