great depression by Mario, Keenan, and Caylee
Updated: 11/6/2020
great depression by Mario, Keenan, and Caylee

Storyboard Text

  • our life ig going great nothing bad is going to happen
  • i have to go get a job we barely have any more food left.
  • sorry honey this is the only house we could buy so soon.
  • Stock Market : A system for buying and selling stock in corporations. Discription: They had a lot of money. The Dad had a afordable job. They have lot of appliances.
  • i don't have enough money i can't get rid of my son and then he goes in a orphanage now and i amvery upset because it was the great depression.
  • Invest : To put money into a company in order to gain a future financial reward.Description: The great Depression was getting worse and they did not have a lot of money to afford a big house.
  • Yay we are getting there and we almost have a big house again.
  • Installment : Regular periodic payment made to pay off the cost of an item when buying it on credit.They did not have a lot of money to get a big house and the dad had to go in to town to get a good job.
  • yay we did it we got everything back and we have are son back that is more important than anything.
  • Bank Run : President and heavy demands by a bank's depositors , creditors or customers to withdraw money. The mom does not want to get rid of her son if she does he will be in an orphanage.
  • Speculation: The act of buying stocks at great risk with the anticipation that the prices will rise. The family is back together and they finally have enough money to afford a big house
  • opulent: the family is an opulent suite. wealthy, rich, or affluent. richly supplied; abundant or plentiful: opulent sunshine. The family has a ig house again and the whole family is living together again.