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Updated: 5/21/2020
comic ingles

Storyboard Text

  • (CHAPTER 5) Buck and the other sled dogs arrived to Skaguay, then they are sold to a men called Hal, Charls and a girl named Mercedes.
  • We are hungry and very tired from the long journey
  • The dogs were too tired of moving a very heavy sled, but Hal with no compassion mistreated them when he was mad.
  • Ohh useless dogs!
  • The dogs were in great pain, but Hal was still indifferent to their needs.
  • I dont care what you need.
  • We can't continue
  • After all the abuse Buck decides not to work for Hal again, Jhon Thorton shows up at the exact moment and rescues Buck.
  • Leave the dog alone!
  • (Chapter 6) While at Dawson, Buck experiences true love by seeing how Jhon treats him as his own son, and they generate a strong relationship of trust.
  • Good boy!
  • Buck is still a wild dog. Jhon gets into a bar fight and Buck for defending Jhon, assaults the other person in the fight.