Banana Bread CRYSTAL
Updated: 1/16/2020
Banana Bread CRYSTAL
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  • Hi, Im mRNA and you need to transcribe from me ASAP!
  • Okay, lets do it!
  • Now that we exited Nuclear pore mansion, I am going to head off to the cytoplasm. mRNA, you wait here
  • I'll head inside
  • WOW, look at tRNA binding to Amino acid. They're so sweet.
  • Room of:tRNA and Amino
  • mRNA transcribed from DNA
  • TRNA, What's the problem. Why are u binding to me. Let's go to ribosomes palace!
  • mRNA exits through nuclear pore to cytoplasm/ chromosomes
  • Now here come the Polypetide triplets to play. Sorry but tRNA Isn't here right now.
  • tRNA binds to amino acids
  • Loaded tRNA bonds mRNA at ribosomes
  • Polypetide chain grows in response to mRNA codes
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