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D.P-4/27-Role of the Government During national crisis
Updated: 4/28/2020
D.P-4/27-Role of the Government During national crisis
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  • This clearly is a viral infection we should continue to have heavy restriction and social distance from each other. This action will help this virus from spreading around us. To keep people safe. And not only people but kids/children safe.
  • These laws were put in place not to hurt people ,but to help them and to keep them away and safe from this virus. We have to figure out a way to benefit all people to help them with their issues at home.
  • I feel that we should have less restrictions but still take other precautions seriously. Because people are losing their business and not being able to making income. Which leads them to not being Abel to afford things they need.
  • Make sure to use hand sanitizer when coming in and out the store.
  • If your in line please stay at least 6 feet away from the person in front of you and behind you please.
  • I hope everyone out here has a better chance to do their work as well. Because some people don't have internet or WiFi at home so that's a struggle that people deal with this strategie
  • I do my school work online to practice social distancing from other people like my friends or peers at school. So this online school helps me to be safe a lot.
  • Government has political and economic disscusions on how they want to dress cover-19 in a safe way to keep people safe. But the government realizes that they need to make something change to keep people safe and away from this virus. People in North Carolina have be protesting about the social distancing which has closed out most shops or family business that make income with their business. People feel as if how the government is providing help for them if they're shutting down their business to the point to where they can't make money. And that is why people think that they should have a lesser restriction on them. But the government has continued to keep restriction strong on people to keep the virus from spreading around NC quickly. So in the next cells it shows things they did to help keep the virus away from spreading to make things worse.
  • One of the things the government decided to do keep people away from each other is called social distancing this is seen to help people keep their distance from people whether or not they know if they have the virus or not. Studies show that this virus can be affected on various people differently. Some may be sick and have symptoms, some may be sick and show no symptoms, and some may be sick but it won't affect them as much as influenza. So this shows that the government has put in a social distancing order to keep at least 6 feet away from people. As it shows that if your any less than that when a person sneezes or cough it could have a potential to reach your body. This is why they say stay 6 feet away from people to keep from getting the virus while following the social distance rule.
  • So the next cell is talking about how young adults, teenagers, and childrens that have to make changes with the social distancing order. During this time Covid-19 is capable of getting kids sick with them knowing or not. So the government has kept kids and young adults that are in school and college at home. They still have school but it's online work and at home work. I feel that what they're doing for this isn't helping as much as it could. The reason I say this is because of how some people don't have all the requirements to be able to do their work. For example some kids might not have WiFi or Internet at home which could be a struggle for some kids to get. Some kids might now have computers at home and parent's may not be able to afford one. So the government should take this into consideration and help some of these family.
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