Chemistry Project
Updated: 2/14/2020
Chemistry Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hey I'm Hydrogen. I'm number one on the periodic table! On the right is my buddy that I bond with OXYGEN!
  • Heyy, I'm Oxygen, Hydrogen and I bond really well, our other friend Flourine does too we're waiting on her.
  • Hey guys! I'm Flourine. All three of us are electronegative bestfriends.
  • Hydrogen is a great friend. She is nontoxic, non metallic,odorless, and is also very popular on Earth.
  • I'm covalently bonded to one of these 3. We are so electronegative that we withdraw the majority of the electron density in the covalent bond with me (hydrogen), leaving the H atom very electron- deficient.
  • Hydrogen is a pretty interesting element.
  • Hydrogen's molecular formula is H2. She is also in the form of chemical compunds such as hydrocarbons and water.
  • I also have a melting point of -259.14 °C and a boiling point of -252.87 °C.
  • Intramolecular hydrogen bonds are those which occur within one single molecule. This occurs when two functional groups of a molecule can form hydrogen bonds with each other.
  • Our bond is very strong compared to other dipole interactions.
  • Byeee!!!