"MSND" Act 1/Scene 1
Updated: 2/8/2020
"MSND" Act 1/Scene 1

Storyboard Text

  • I can not wait either!I love you!
  • Oh, I cannot wait any longer for our wedding day!
  • Theseus and Hippolyta are waiting for their wedding day!
  • Oh, how kind of you father.
  • 1. My dear Hermia please meet the man who I have chosen, that you will marry.
  • Hello, Hermia. My name is Demetrius, and I will be marrying you.
  • Hermia's Father, Egeus, introduces Hermia to Demetrius, the man that she is supposed to marry.
  • I think I am in love!
  • Hello Hermia, my name is Lysander and I love you.
  • Commoners come and a couple days later Hermia finds her true love but it is not the man that her father, Egeus, wants her to marry.
  • Hermia, you are not to love Lysander, you are to love Demetrius. And if you do not listen to me and marry Demetrius, by Atheian rule you will either die or become a nun.
  • But father.
  • Hermia's father, yells at Hermia for loving another man.
  • Fine, you will have until Hippolyta and Theseus' wedding day to decide what you are going to do. 
  • Ok. Goodbye.
  • Hermia's father allows Hermia until Hippolyta and Theseus' wedding day to make her decision on who she is going to marry. 
  • Wow, great idea!Let's do it!
  • Why don't we just run away to my aunt's house and get married there.
  • Hermia tell's Lysander about what her father said and they scheme to run away to Lysander's aunts house in the woods and get married there.