The Hate you give.
Updated: 2/19/2021
The Hate you give.

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  • Chapter 1
  • Hi how have yo been its been a long time
  • ive been good my mom got sick and i need to talk to your dad,
  • .........good
  • Chapter 2
  • that cop is racist that's why he killed him.
  • how honey how did you sleep?
  • NO the cop is racist that's why he shot him. Starr isn't gonna go
  • Chapter 3
  • If you want justice she has to come talk to them.
  • Hi why is uncle Carlos here?
  • Calm down
  • wait mom no ill still talk.
  • Starr goes to a party with her friend that is kinda like her sister. They run into some old people she doesn't really remember they talk for a little. Her old friend Khalil shows up and they catch up and talk then boom a gunshot is shot the leave and get pulled over for no reason and Khalil gets shot and killled.
  • Chapter 4
  • Let Starr choose if she wants to stay or no.
  • Let's get out here come on.
  • The parents of Starr come pick her up and take her home in the morning they don't really say anything about it. Starr's dad says the cop is racist and that's why he shot Khalil and then they go about there day Starr has to go back to school in a private school and act like nothing happened. Starr's BF tries to say sorry for something he did she gets scared of him and her flashbacks from that night come back in her head.
  • Chapter 5
  • Yea i am...
  • How do you feel you okay?
  • He didn't have anything in the car
  • Starr comes home from school after her day in school and the situation with her BF. She wakes up and hears people arguing her uncle, mom and dad were in the kitchen talking about Starr going into the police department to talk to detectives. about what happened to Khalil. Starr's dad gets mad about the situation and says she can't go. they argue and Starr decides to go.
  • Chapter 6
  • Did he have any drugs or do you know if he sold them.
  • Starr and her mom go to the Police department to talk to the investigators about the situation that happened. Starr starts saying what happened but she notices that the person is only trying to talk about Khalil and not much about the cop. The women also tries to twist Starr's words Starr's mom gets mad and she tries to leave with star but Starr wants to stay and they keep talking.
  • They get done talking and go back home and go on with there day and Starr is thinking about Khalil and the situation.
  • The cop asked her all these questions about Khalil and the cop mainly focused on what did Khalil do. Starr wants to get this over this and get the cop put in prison.