Nullification Crisis

Updated: 2/9/2021
Nullification Crisis

Storyboard Text

  • I'm from the South and am a farmer!
  • I'm from the North and am a businessman!
  • We have decided to pass new tariffs!
  • Congress
  • No!
  • Yes!
  • This is outrageous! I'm going to nullify and cancel this law! Just you wait!
  • John Calhoun
  • Nullifying would be a total mistake, and I can't allow you to do that.
  • Andrew Jackson
  • We agree with Calhoun! Let's pass the Ordinance of Nullification!
  • I am prepared to send troops to South Carolina if this law is passed!
  • I can help! Use The Compromise Tariff to restore peace!
  • Henry Clay
  • Peace is restored across the U.S.A!!