Updated: 5/24/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Cappy cat is hungry so, Sarah (owner) decides to go pick up some food and other items she chooses to buy.*Consumer Sovereignty*
  • Lets go get you some more food.
  • *Meow*
  • Sarah & Cappy arrive to the pet store to pick out food. This is when individuals and businesses choose what they want to buy/produce*Economic Freedom*
  • Lets see here. Fancy Feast?
  • Sarah decides to go pick something up at the mall and bring Cappy for the ride, but Cappy cannot come in with her. Many businesses such as malls have control on how to use their property. *Private Property Rights*
  • When we get to the store I don't think you'll be able to come in, but I'll be quick I promise.
  • Brands and companies compete to see which product is the best based off what people buy. Although it seems like Cappy can't choose. *Competition*
  • I have no idea which one I should pick?!
  • People may risk money and property in order to make money. Cappy is investing in stocks, to make money by supporting her favorite food brands. *Profit Motive*
  • Both buyers agree to the transactions made. Both producers and consumers are happy, especially Cappy the capitalist.*Voluntary Exchange*