Digital Footprint

Updated: 9/8/2021
Digital Footprint

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, I just got an email to see if I got into the college I want!! Can you come over and read it with me?
  • Headed there now!!
  • 1Hey, come on in!
  • Hurry, lets go to your room!
  • Well, it’s too late to fix it. Anything you ever post will be around forever because of screenshot and sharing with other people. But you can prevent it so it doesn’t happen again.
  • WHAT?!?!?!
  • Oh no!!! You aren't in!
  • Oh no, I know exactly what they’re referring to, those pictures from the party last week. How do I fix that?
  • It said something that you have posted on social media that wasn't appropriate.
  • Well now that it’s time for college, you have to be more responsible with the choices you make. For example, you shouldn’t have gone to that party last week, you should have been home studying. Why do you think I didn’t go, I have more important things to be worrying about, like what college I am going to get in.
  • 1Well how?
  • Bye!
  • Okay, well thanks. I’ll be sure to be more responsible with my choices and what I post on social media. I didn’t realize how much that would affect this.