Achilles leaves the Acheans
Updated: 4/7/2021
Achilles leaves the Acheans

Storyboard Description

(The Iliad), Scene where Achilles leaves the Acheans due to Agamenmons Pride as a Leader.

Storyboard Text

  • You and your pride, Agamemnom, I will leave these ranks if you don't repay me for all i've done for you!
  • You Achilles, the most dangerous man, are now asking for MY treasure?
  • Now you've gone too far Agamemnom, i'm leaving your ranks forever!
  • Alright Achilles, I will send out 2 of my men to get what is rightfully MINE.!
  • Very well then, all brave Achilles, just one reminder, never show your face in MY ranks every again.
  • O' my sweet child what happened to you?
  • You know very well what has happened mother...
  • All that you say is true, yes, just remember one thing, you ready your ships and keep on raging at the Acheans.
  • Alright mother, if you say so.
  • "rage on at the Acheans" you say...