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Odyssey pt.4
Updated: 2/4/2020
Odyssey pt.4
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  • Odysseus and his crew sail from the island of the cyclops to the home of Aeolus ruler of winds. Aeolus presents Odysseus with a bag containing all of the winds, and he stirs up a westerly wind to guide Odysseus and his crew home.
  • Within ten days, they are in sight of Ithaca, but Odysseus’s shipmates, who think that Aeolus has secretly given Odysseus a fortune in gold and silver, tear the bag open. The winds escape and stir up a storm that brings Odysseus and his men back to Aeolia. This time, however, Aeolus refuses to help them, certain that the gods hate Odysseus and wish to do him harm.
  • Lacking wind, the Achaean's row to the land of the Laestrygonians, a race of powerful giants whose king, Antiphates, and unnamed queen turn Odysseus’s scouts into dinner. Odysseus and his remaining men flee toward their ships, but the Laestrygonians pelt the ships with boulders and sink them as they sit in the harbor. Only Odysseus’s ship escapes.
  • Then Odysseus and his men travel to Aeaea, home of the witch Circe. Odysseus goes to rescue them and Hermes approaches him in the form of a young man. He tells Odysseus how to defeat Circe.
  • Odysseus defeats Circe and his men turn back into humans. Odysseus becomes Circes lover and stays on the island for a year. He finally begs her to go home and asks for her help. She tells him he needs to go to Hades to speak with Tiresias a prophet who will tell him how to get home.
  • Odysseus awoke the next morning ready to set off for Hermes but found that one of his crew, Elpanor had gotten drunk fell asleep on a rood and then fell of and broke his neck
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