Roaring 20's
Updated: 4/30/2020
Roaring 20's

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  • Women's SuffrageWomen's suffrage was the fight for women's right to vote. It took a long time and many setbacks happened. On August 18, 1920 the 19th amendment to the Constitution was ratified and women were given the right to vote.
  • no!!
  • move to the back
  • Boll WeevilThe Boll Weevil destroyed many cotton crops in the South. It made many families in the South leave because it destroyed their crops and they couldn't make money.
  • Technological ChangesDuring this time there was a lot of high spending. Many new technologies such as automobiles and house hold items were very popular and useful.
  • Tourism & RecreationWith all of the new cars being produced new highways and roads were being built. People from the North started to travel to the South for the climate and culture
  • KKKThe KKK was a group that used violence to show their disapproval of blacks being free and having rights. The KKK terrorized the South for years before anyone did something about it. They would lynch and beat African Americans who held office or if they were just walking down the street
  • Southern Literary RenaissanceDuring this time people began to be interested in art and the Southern culture. Many artists produced works in this time and people started to travel to the South to learn about the culture.
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