War of 1812 Comic Part 1 Kyle Rear
Updated: 1/31/2020
War of 1812 Comic Part 1 Kyle Rear
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  • The British are restricting trade, and it is making us furious. President Madison, what can we do about this to make the British pay?
  • James Madison did not want to go to war, and asked Congress to pass the Non-Intercourse Act, to stop Britain from seizing ships.This cut trade off as a result.
  • Madison will suffer, and he will fight alone! We will come out on top!
  • These people are considered to be War Hawks, named by their enemies. These people felt strongly about war/
  • Lending him money for his own benefit is not a choice! Knowing that the charter has no value anymore, he's gonna have to work harder for that money. We are not his slaves, and we will not do that for him.
  • The United States army ended up launching 3 attacks on Canada. However, every single attack was a no go. As a result, the British took advantage of the situation and were able to cause the United States to flee.
  • Although this does not relate to this scene, Tecumseh and Tippecanoe, a Shawnee Leader wanted Native Americans to unite to protect their lands
  • Comodore Oliver Perry constructed a fleet on Lake Erie in Ohio to combat a British Fleet. The battle went on for many hours, and both sides were impacted by the battle. Eventually, the British surrendered, and the United States claimed the win. This was also a huge boost for the United States, and the victory was a game changer.
  • The British landed in Chesapeake Bay and marched into Washington D.C. Britain came out on top, and the capital was burnt down as a result.
  • James Madison as a result evacuated the scene, and many other government officials followed Madison.
  • Baltimore was prepared for an attack and made the British retreat as a result. A lawyer named Francis Scott Key was being held in a British boat and was happy to see that the American flag still flew after the battle. He ended up making the Star Spangled Banner after that.
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