Updated: 3/4/2021

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  • Jake opens his eyes and turns to the side where he finds where Max always sits empty. He closes his eyes, hoping that the darkness of a nap will temporarily mask his sorrows.
  • They have been inseparable for fifteen years, always by each other's side. Although he should just be thankful for all their time together, he still feels cheated.
  • Unable to fall asleep, Jake looks around the room and find a leash hanging from the peg by the door. It seemed to wait patiently, ready for the next big adventure. Jake's eyes well up, as he realizes how much his grief weighs.
  • Jake then hears a shuffle from behind and sees Martha.
  • I thought I might find you here. I miss him too, Jake. More than you'll ever know.
  • There's a melancholic tone to her voice, but Jake knows that her heart, like his, has a hole to big to fill. His head drops down and gives off a long sigh.
  • I guess you do know Jake.
  • end