Neolithic and Paleolithic Age
Updated: 12/20/2019
Neolithic and Paleolithic Age
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  • The Stone Age was divided into two different periods, the Paleolithic Age(the old Stone Age), and the Neolithic Age(the new Stone Age).
  • The Paleolithic Age was from around 2,000,000 B.C.E. to around 8,000 B.C.E. in this period we were always on the move, we were nomads and were always looking for food. The Neolithic Age was from about 8,000 B.C.E. to about 3,000 B.C.E. and we learned how to grow crops and raise animals.
  • We lived in temporary homes and often depleted areas of resources and moved to a new area. Because Neolithic people new how grow crops and raise animals so they lived in temporary homes made from packed mud bricks.
  • In the Paleolithic Age we lived and hunted in small groups, while in the Neolithic Age we lived and villages and worked together and traded.
  • Some traders climbed mountains, rode donkeys, and sailed boats to travel hundred of miles to trade for goods like obsidian and hematite in the Neolithic Age. Paleolithic people rarely traded and only traded resources from around them.
  • People could work together in the Neolithic Age and be more efficient and make weapons, build, houses, and more much faster. People also started making new beauty products ad tools. People in the Neolithic Age were able to advance more and got to relax more and have an easier life then Paleolithic people.
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