active immunity
Updated: 3/8/2021
active immunity

Storyboard Text

  • Attention to all customers, cases of the covid-19 virus outbreak are increasing, hopefully every customer wears a mask, Thank you!
  • Please, put on your mask!
  • SHUT UP !! Besides, this doesn't hurt you to wear a mask or not
  • But, we must comply with health protocols to prevent virus infection, one of which is by wearing a mask
  • I hurried away and ignored the ladies who told me ...
  • Please miss this will not affect my health
  • W-whatt...
  • You're so nagging !!
  • One week later...
  • HACUH...HACUH!!why the cough doesn't go away anyway !! I'm starting to have a fever
  • Hurry up and go to the doctor !!!
  • I felt little bit uneasy
  • According to the results of the examination, you are infected with the Covid 19 virus
  • after a long debate she's arrived at the hospital
  • Are you wearing a mask?
  • I always wash my hands with soap
  • No I don't wear it doc