Monroe Doctrine
Updated: 1/15/2021
Monroe Doctrine

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  • "We want our freedom!"
  • "We want independence!"
  • "The U.S. will not get involved with any internal affairs or wars with Europe."
  • The United States will not allow European nations to create American nations or interfere with the free Latin American nations. Any violations will be considered a threat towards our country's' safety.
  • South America wanted to become an independent country, but while they were fighting for independence, they were seen as weak. Europe had seen this as an opportunity to take advantage of the South American countries to their benefit. The South American countries needed protection from this.
  • "Yay! Thank you!"
  • "I have a solution! The U.S. will help to protect the Latin American countries from Europe."
  • U.S.
  • President James Monroe thought of a solution to this problem to help the South American countries but also stay out of any wars with Europe. Monroe presented his idea to Congress as the Monroe Doctrine, which got approved.
  • "Well, I guess we can't go there anymore."
  • The Monroe Doctrine stated that the United States shall not interfere with any internal affairs or wars with Europe. The United States will also not interfere with any existing European colonies in the U.S. This benefited both the U.S. and the South American countries.
  • Once the South American countries found out about the Monroe Doctrine, they were very thankful and happy to have protection from Europe.
  • The Monroe Doctrine also stopped people from crossing over from the U.S. to Europe and the other way around. This was so that no one could disrupt the colonization of South America.
  • From the Monroe Doctrine, an imaginary division line was created between the western hemisphere and the eastern hemisphere.