Aryans comic strip
Updated: 2/4/2021
Aryans comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Omg the wind took me away
  • Oh no, save me please.
  • Thats place looks so scary
  • Im underground whats happening to me and its super hot
  • The rock was blown from mont blanc because a storm hit and now is traveling somewhere.
  • I am the sedimentary rock at the bottom. I was broken off, of Mont blance. This storm send me to this volcano and I'm really scared.
  • Omg what happened to me I look so different
  • The rock first subduct underground and its really hot where earth interior is and the rock will now fall into magma.
  • The rock fell and is now starting to melt because of earths surface and is exposed to earths interior.
  • I can't breath its so hot and I can barley move
  • The rock has now cooled and it now now looks really different.
  • The rock is now an igneous rock and has new brothers and sisters.
  • You are one of us now 😃