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Flowers for Algernon project
Updated: 2/24/2020
Flowers for Algernon project
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Storyboard Description

project due on friday bruh

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • something i think
  • What does this inkblot mean charlie?
  • He is perfect for the experiment
  • Conflict
  • Who is this, and why he is better at me at the maze game?
  • oh ok! ill beat that little mouse.
  • This is algernon, he went through the same operation you are about to go through charlie.
  • Rising action
  • something doesnt feel right
  • Yes Dr Strauss
  • Do you feel smarter smarter charlie?
  • We are introduced to charlie being tested by a doctor.He is granted permission by his teacher Ms. Kinnian to be part of an experiment to become smarter.
  • Climax
  • I finally beat you algernon.
  • The conflict starts when charlie is introduced to algernon. Charlie is put to the test against algernon at a maze game. Algernon beats him. What he has conflict with is beating the race with algernon but, he has to get surgery to become smarter.
  • Falling action
  • Since algernon got dumber and dumber i guess the same thing will happen to me.
  • The rising action starts after charlie gets his surgery. This is where he becomes smart.
  • Resolution
  • Charlie finally beats algernon at the race and becomes smarter than Dr Strauss but charlie learns that he is being used by Dr Strauss because of his increased intelligence and he gets fired from his job because of his intellgence.
  • Since you beat algernon, learned more than my entire career and have an IQ over 200. You going to san Francisco with me charlie.
  • Algernon dies, Charlie learns that he will become dumber like algernon and blocks out his friends. knowing that he will never be the same.
  • After knowing he will become his old self and will forget what has happen. Charlie leaves New York.
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