Rain Jones constitution comic
Updated: 12/9/2020
Rain Jones constitution comic

Storyboard Text

  • we should go check and make sure there doing there jobs
  • I think...
  • what laws should we confirm today?
  • I know we should go and make rule 1 and 2 offish
  • what i say goes so lets go
  • so we now have to enforce those rules
  • but...
  • whats going on? i don't know you tell me.
  • settle down everyone settle down..mm, i brought you here because we need to do something very important so pip down and listen up
  • what are we doing here?I don't know ask him
  • okay good idea
  • hey. we were just checking to make sure your doing your work.
  • okay so that's the plan then to in force those rules I like it.
  • yep we got a plan
  • so that work hey look who it is.
  • now lets see how many laws do we have on our constitution... oh and let make sure the law that says woman 18 and old can vote, lets get checking
  • next order of business is it help the government as a national untitled whole we need to bring the states together and the government.
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