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Updated: 4/29/2020
Science Storyboard

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  • 440 BCE is when he first came up with this theory. He thought that everything was made up of small particles that varied in shape, now called "Atoms"
  • My name is Democritus. My theory is that EVERYTHING in the world is made up of tiny particles! I call these "Atmos".
  • Im John Dalton, and my theory is that all matter breaks down into different types of atoms
  • In about 1808, John Dalton added to Democritus' theory, saying all common substances break down into the same elements.
  • The periodic table was made by Dmitri Mendeleev. He made the table and sorted them by placing them on the table by atomic mass of each of the elements
  • Hello, Im Dmitri Mendeleev. I am the person who created the periodic table! Which was a break through in the science community
  • JJ Thompson discover these negatively charged cells but the name of these cells were changed to "electrons".
  • My name is JJ Thompson, and I discover that there are negatively charged cells which I call corpucles, as I model I used what I called the Pudding Model
  • In 1910, Ernest proved that the atom consisted of a small, dense positively charged nucleus.
  • My name is Ernest Rutherford, and I contributed to the matter theory with my discovery of the nucleus!
  • In 1932, James discovered that there Neutrons inside the Nucleus
  • Hello, Im James Chadwick. I discovered that there are Neutrons that are found inside the Nucleus.