Athena & Aphrodite- Delilah
Updated: 2/5/2020
Athena & Aphrodite- Delilah
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  • BOOM
  • wow, your amazing at spinning the thred!
  • Thank you!!
  • I wonder if YOU learned from Athena...
  • OH NO!!
  • The church should be all about me because I'm as beautiful as Athena...
  • Never say something like that!
  • If you keep bragging the gods will be mad.
  • Why should I listen to a crazy old women like you.
  • Aphrodite always got upset when she heard people saying that she must have learned her spinning skills from Athena, but she also thought she could do better than any of the gods because she learned on her own.
  • I'm going to invite Athena to a spinning battle, but she probably won't show up!
  • one day Aphrodite says that she's as beautiful as Athena and the church shouldn't be wasted on her, it should be all about Aphrodite because of how beautiful she is. After that Aphrodite doesn't see her own reflection, but she see's Athena's face.
  • Aphrodite continues to brag until an old women appears and says that if Aphrodite brags one more time then the gods will have consequences, but Aphrodite refuses to listen.
  • BOOM
  • When Aphrodite tells the old women that she is going to battle Athena to a spinning contest, but she thinks that Athena will not show up because she is scared to battle someone as good as her the old lady gets mad and unexpectedly turns into Athena.
  • After when they are both competing with each other Athena makes a beautiful loom of colors and peace and on the other hand Aphrodite makes an ugly dark loom of gods doing horrible things with their powers.
  • When Athena sees Aphrodite's horrible loom she turns her into a spider after Aphrodite threatens to kill herself so Aphrodite learns her lesson.
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