ENC 2135 Project 3

Updated: 6/19/2020
ENC 2135 Project 3

Storyboard Text

  • Hello class today we have a new student that will be joining us for a few weeks, please show him your best behavior.
  • Hey I'm Nicole what is your name?
  • oh hey I'm Alex
  • That new kid has a name okay. Maybe you should actually get to know him before you judge him.
  • Oh I'm sorry I never meant anything bad by it.
  • Hey that new kid is pretty weird haha right?
  • Bye
  • Bye Alex it was nice meeting you.
  • Oh Alex is home. I really hoped he had a good day, I hope they treated him nicely.
  • Hey Alex how was school did you enjoy this one?
  • Yea Mom I loved it I made lots of friends I think I want to stay here.