the Odyssey by Homer
Updated: 12/11/2020
the Odyssey by Homer

Storyboard Description

by Emily Shade

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus and his men
  • Text Evidence: lines 103-105
  • Lotus Eaters: Not everything that tastes good is good for you.
  • The Sirens: not give in to temptation
  • Text Evidence: lines 467-471
  • cyclops, odysseus, men, and sheep
  • The Cyclops: small people can be aggressive fighters.
  • Circe, Odysseus, and Odysseus men who were turned into pigs
  • The Land Of the Dead: don't act like a pig unless you want to become one
  • Text Evidence: lines 610-670
  • The Sirens are singing their song lines: 718-744, and Odysseus is trying not to hear their song
  • Text Evidence: lines 710- 753
  • Scylla and Charybdis: face your fears with confidence
  • Odysseus and his men ran into Scylla ( the monsters), and Charybdis the whirlpool
  • Text Evidence: lines 766-770
  • Odysseus was asleep on the ship, during the middle of the night his men killed the sun god's cattle
  • Text Evidence: lines 931-955
  • The cattle of the sun god: what goes around comes around