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Oedipus the King - MOIRA JOMILLA
Updated: 8/27/2020
Oedipus the King - MOIRA JOMILLA
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  • As you know, the city's experiencing another plague. You got us out of the last one, maybe you can work your magic again? :)
  • Okay. Thanks, King. :)
  • Okay. I sent Creon to Apollo so he can tell me what I need to do to save this city.
  • Creon, m'boy! What did Apollo tell you?
  • Oh, that should be easy. Where can I find this man?
  • Oh? Let me verify that with Tiresias.
  • He told me we should drive out whoever killed King Laius.
  • He's right here in this very land.
  • Darn, you're stubborn. Maybe you killed King Laius. Or MAYBE Creon is planning to overthrow me.
  • Tiresias, what do you know?
  • I don't think so, luv. It's time for you to leave <3
  • Okay, but just so you know, The man who killed King Laius is here and he's both a brother and father to his children. :)
  • A lot of things, but I'm not gonna tell you because you're not gonna like it. Even I, myself, do not like it.
  • No...? You killed him.
  • Tiresias says that I killed Laius. What do you think?
  • Oh. Well, Didn't you say Laius was slain where the three wagon-roads meet?
  • o h , d e a r.
  • What did he look like?
  • Tall, with hair that was flecked with white. He looked a bit like you.
  • What is it?
  • Yes, that's correct.
  • Hm. I don't believe in that stuff.
  • Back when I was in Corinth, a man told me that I wasn't of my father's descent.
  • So I fled Corinth but on my way to Thebes, I encountered a man who looked like the man you described to me. He tried to forcefully get me off the road and out of anger, I killed him.
  • I may have killed King Laius.
  • Then I asked the oracle of Delphi, but the only thing they told me was that I would be my father's killer.
  • Well, you're innocent until proven guilty by the herdsman. If he retells a story similar to the one with the brigands, then you're all good.
  • Hello, I'm a messenger from Corinth here to tell you that King Polybus has passed.
  • Well, I freed your ankles back when I was a shepherd and gave you to Polybus. But I should let you know that Laius's herdsman gave you to me.
  • You don't have to worry. Merope isn't your real mother, anyway.
  • See, what'd I tell you, Oedipus. The prophecies aren't true!
  • I want to meet this man.
  • What? Then who is?
  • Yes, but I'm still worried that I'll sleep with my mother.
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