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Updated: 3/28/2021
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  • According to conflict theorists, unequal groups also have competing beliefs and agendas, forcing them to contend against one another. The ever-changing essence of society is based on relentless competitors between classes.
  • Conflict Theory
  • Education Teaching, Learning Process in Traditional Teaching
  • Using traditional way of teaching, learning is difficult due to limited information and lack of knowledge on how to use modern technology.
  • Class to continue our discussion kindly open your book on page 4 and 5
  • Yes Sir
  • Educational Teaching, Learning Process using Digital Technology
  • V.S.
  • Teaching using digital technology is much easier and advance. It can also speed up the work of teachers
  • To start our class, first open photoshop on your designated computer and let's recall our past lesson
  • Yes Sir
  • In conflict theory, two competing sides would look at where a teacher's teaching has been most effective using traditional methods or using modern technologies. As the town's aspirations, which are the youth, according to Dr. Rizal, need to be properly driven and trained to be productive people in the future.