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Civil Rights Storyboard
Updated: 9/4/2020
Civil Rights Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Civil war
  • Reconstruction
  • What is happening here?
  • We are reconstructing as a state.
  • Great Migration
  • We got to get out of here ASAP!
  • The Civil War in the United States started in 1861, after decades of simmering tension between the northern and southern states over slavery states rights and the westward expansion.
  • Plessy V. Ferguson
  • The Reconstruction was the effort to reintegrate Southern states from the Confederacy and 4 million newly-freed slaves into the United States. 
  • Selma March
  • We want equal rights !
  • The Great Migration was the relocation of more than 6 million African Americans from the rural South to the cities of the North, Midwest and West from about 1916 to 1970.
  • Protesting with a Civil Rights Leader
  • Plessy v. Ferguson was a landmark 1896 U.S. Supreme Court decision the upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation under the ¨separate but equal¨ doctrine.
  • Your honor we have the same rights.
  • The Selma to Montgomery march was part of a series of civil rights protests that occurred in 1965 in Alabama, a Southern state with deeply entrenched racist policies.
  • I am protesting alongside Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King to take a stand against racist policies.
  • We need police brutality to end now!
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