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Updated: 5/21/2020
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  • Friday
  • Yes, I take a train. It's always arrive every half hour.
  • Maybe, I like take a bus because is cheap. So Marie Do you want to the new restaurant or the theater?
  • So, Let's go to new restaurant!
  • Oh! Really? I sometimes take a bus but but it takes a little while for the traffic.
  • Mm...I went to theater twice a month.
  • Hi Carla! You arrived fast.
  • Sure! Let's go!
  • Mm...I'd like Ceviche, a long time ago haven't eat it.
  • Usually the same thing happens to me but I prefer Peruvian food.
  • So, Marie tell me, What is your favorite food?
  • I'd like Chicken roast, how about you?
  • To be honest is that, I'm not have favorite food because I like more dishes.
  • Then, Would do you order from the menu?
  • For preparation uses any onions, a lemon, some fish, a sweet potato, a corn, a little parsley and salt.
  • Yes! sure! I'd love it.
  • Oh! It's delicious, What food that's for preparate?
  • Not It's much difficult...Maybe, What do you think, go at my house on Sunday for have Ceviche?
  • Oh! Yes, I search that ingredients
  • GR8!
  • BTW I'll see you in the supermarket for buy any food.
  • Hi Car! see you 2DAY at 11am.
  • Sure, no prob. Remenber we're gonna cook Ceviche
  • Saturday
  • Perfect. CU 😁
  • Saturday at 11 am
  • Just one?
  • Ok! no problem, any other food?
  • Mm...Maybe I'll buy any things for at the week.
  • Hello, I'd like a lemon and an onion, please.
  • Yes, I want any fish and a corn. How about you Marie?
  • Oh! No, sorry We'd like a few lemon and three onion, please .
  • Yes, they have. any other things?
  • Sorry, Have got some sweet potatoes or some cheese?
  • Ok! Thank you, It's all. How much everything?
  • Give me a moment....Ok It's 20 soles,please.
  • Thanks for your buy! Bye.
  • Ok! Perfect, Here you are
  • Thanks! Good bye
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