The Snipet
Updated: 5/18/2020
The Snipet

Storyboard Text

  • 1. The sniper is on the roof of a building devouring a sandwich during the American Civil War. It is the dark hours of the night and he can hear the wailing of guns from battles in the distance. His rifle is set beside him and field glasses are wrapped over his shoulders. He hasn't eaten all day, and takes a swig of whiskey to wash down the taste of his meal.
  • 2. INCITING INCIDENT - Although he knows that enemies are watching him, the sniper takes the risk of lighting up a cigarette in the dark light. He puts the cigarette between his lips, lights a match, puffs, and puts it out. This makes his position visible from the area he stands around the Liffey River. Another sniper shoots at him, hardly missing him due to the parapet of the building.
  • 3. The other sniper shoots at him again when he peers over the parapet, hardly missing him. The sniper hides behind the stack of a chimney to take shelter from the enemy. An armored car rolls across the bridge and lolls on the street. The sniper can tell that it is an enemy car, and an old woman walks up from down the street and speaks to the man in the turret of the vehicle. She points to the top of the building, telling him where The Sniper is. The Sniper raises his rifle and shoots the man's head right off of his body. The woman tries to flee in a side street, but The Sniper is much too fast and shoots her down before she can hide away.
  • 4. CLIMAX - A shot comes from far off at The Sniper. He drops his rifle and falls to the floor of the roof, his forearm badly hit by the bullet of the opposing sniper. He crawls back to the parapet, draws his knife and iodine bottle, and does his best to aid the wound. Helplessly laying on the roof, The Sniper formulates a plan. He places his cap at the end of his rifle's muzzle and perches it on the parapet. The opposing sniper fires and strikes the rifle. The Sniper drapes his hand over the parapet, letting the cap fall, and soon after lets the rifle fall to the street and his body fall to the roof. the Sniper takes his revolver and fires at the opposing sniper, killing him.
  • 5. The Republican Sniper sees the body of the opposing sniper fall over and shudders at what he has done. An immense feeling of regret and guilt engulf him. He begins to swear at the violence of the war and all the pin it has caused him throughout his days of being on the roof. It makes him kill people out of cold blood even though they themselves have families and others that care for them.
  • 6. RESOLUTION - The Sniper empties his whiskey flask and decides to leave the roof to notify a commander of his action. While in the lane way, his emotions of remorse get the best of him and he is intrigued to see who he shot down. He crosses the street, where he is nearly shot by another rifleman, but makes it to the corpse to see that it is the dead face of his brother.