romeow and julicat ec pt 2
Updated: 3/2/2020
romeow and julicat ec pt 2

Storyboard Text

  • Oh art thou Romeow i love him!
  • Later that night at the Catulets house...
  • Romeow i didn't know you were here
  • Juliet i love you too, lets get married!
  • The Next morning in Friar Cell...
  • Hopefully this will end the family feud.
  • Yay we are married, we cant tell anyone yet though.
  • Tybalt i shall fight you for dancing with jullicat!!
  • I shall join
  • Tybalt we don"t have to fight we are family now
  • Romeow you are banished to Mantra!!
  • Oh no! purrcutio and tybalt are dead!!
  • Julicat, Romeow has been banished mantra.
  • Oh no I shall never be happy again!
  • ill go to the Friar hell know what to do.
  • Friar id rather die then marry Puuris!
  • Calm down we have a 4 step plan, take this bottle and drink it
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