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Updated: 4/14/2020
News Story

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  • Hello, I'm Daniel Vigna and today's top news story for today covers the future of Toronto's infrastructure.
  • Toronto is looking to make a push in the next ten years to make housing affordable, the transit system working better and increasing revenue.This will lead to more investments in Toronto.Now to Keith Gitahi with more of the story.
  • Thank you Daniel, I am here in front of Union Station where one of the major fixes will take place in the transit system. Over the years plenty of people have complained about the transit system in Toronto being too slow or saying its always breaking down.
  • The government plans on fixing the affordability of housing in the city.By 2030, the population of the GTA is approximately going to be 8 million people and by 2045 it will hit 10 million. It would be interesting to see a business person’s take on this, someone who uses our transit to get to and from work every day. Do they feel like the prices are getting out of hand? Are they paying a fair price for a transit system? I would have liked to interview a recent college/university graduate who is looking to move out and buy a house of their own. What would their thoughts be on this? Do they think they can afford a house right now or do we need our city to lower its prices?
  • Creating affordable housing and fixing the transit system will benefit Toronto because it will allow more people to live here and allow for commuters on the transit system to either get to work and back faster.When making housing more affordable for everyone, Toronto's revenue will increase by bringing more families into the city to live which will contribute to grocery stores, convenience stores, shopping centres, and the overall economy here. I am Keith Gitahi, now back to you Daniel.
  • Thank you Keith, this is Daniel Vigna reporting from Home news station,Have a good day.