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Updated: 9/25/2019
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  • Hey Legrain, would you like to talk about our differing opinions on globalization with me?
  • Yes, definitly!
  • I belive that globalization destroys diversity, the spread of westurn culture is nagtively effecting the world.
  • I understand your point of view but, the spread of culture strengthens and revitalizes it. It creates cultural flavour.
  • Everything is being homoginized. It's all starting to look the same, and traditions are getting lost. I mean, look at this town.
  • Its not "homoginizing", its mixing. Our town is becoming more multicultural and new hybrids are being created.
  • I see your point but, many of the best things comes from mixing cultures. Have you ever heard of Amexica, or spanglish?Those things are new and in my opinion are pretty cool.
  • TNC's are agressive, and cosumers are the problem. They are selling traditions, and overtaking them.
  • TNC's are not selling it, they are just spreading the culture, and making avalible to all.
  • Cultures are getting abandond for this new westurn garbage.
  • Everone is so hypocritical! For example, some people think westernization is so bad, but then support easternization. Its so agrivating!
  • Imperialism, ethnocentrism, and clolonization are a real problem. Those are the things that make me the anti-globalist that I am, in other words a cultural protectionist.
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