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1075 The revolt of the earls
Updated: 4/27/2020
1075 The revolt of the earls
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  • 1075 The revolt of the earls
  • ralph de Gael, Earl of East Anglia
  • Roger de Breteuil, Earl of Hereford
  • Less power and land for you.
  • Waltheof, Earl of Northumbria
  • ralph de Gael, Earl of East Anglia
  • The conspirators and their reasons
  • Roger de Breteuil, Earl of Hereford
  • Waltheof, Earl of Northumbria
  • The wedding
  • Come join us! We will take our power, our privileges, our lands back! We will rule this country as a rightful king should!
  • Sister of Roger de Breteuil
  • in 1075, King William I faced a revolt from his own, Norman earls. Tensions caused by his seizing of power lead to built up resentment, resulting in the final significant revolt during his reign. Ralph and Roger were already decided to take matters in their own hands, as William had taken away most of the control over their lands.
  • The Plan
  • 'll send him a letter! And he will stop. Or else I will excommunicate him!
  • Ralph Earl of East Anglia: Son of an Anglo-Norman. The father served Edward the confessor and was later rewarded by William with East Anglia. Roger Earl of Hereford: Son of lord Breteuil in Norway. The father was rewarded by William. Waltheof Earl of Northumbria: Son of Earl of Northumbria before Tosting. They all wanted further power, more land and William's absence.
  • The plan
  • At the wedding many significant people were there, such as bishops and earls but most importantly earl Waltheof, the two earls who were already allies decided to bring Waltheof into the plan. The Northumbrian earl agreed to participate. Between the three of them their land spread from east to west.
  • The defeat
  • Waltheof didn't want to participate in this revolt, he therefore decided to inform the Archbishop in charge when William was in Normandy. The Archbishop sent men to find out what was happening and they reported that the rebels were strengthening their defences. As a result the Archbishop wrote a letter to Roger reminding him of his father's loyalty. As the letter didn't encourage Roger, the Archbishop used his power of excommunication to cut Roger off from the church until he gave up.
  • Preparations were being made to counter the revolt. In the north they used troops to prevent Roger from crossing the Severn River. Same thing happened in the East with Ralph. William then returned to England. Around this point the Danish fleet arrived to help the revolt, but they were too late. The Danish fleet could've fought William but they "dared not to join battle with William' himself". Although they sacked York before leaving.
  • Ralph flead to Brittany meanwhile his wife stayed in their castle in Norwich until she could make a deal and guarantee all their followers safe passage to Brittany. Waltheof flead as well but William tricked him into thinking he would be forgiven and when Waltheof came back he got imprisoned and later executed him. Roger was imprisoned for life and when William went back to Normandy he attacked Ralph's castle in Dol but failed as his military power wasn't strong enough.
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