The House of the Scorpion
Updated: 3/18/2020
The House of the Scorpion

Storyboard Text

  • Matt was beat up by a keeper and needed to go to the infirmary. While there, a boy named Ton-Ton told him that the keepers got drunk on laudanum every night. The boy saw it as a way to get out, although he was terrified.
  • Then, Matt was thrown into a pit full of bones after being "disobedient". He struggled all night in the cold until he was able to get to the edge. Chacho did not respond to Matt, so Matt assumed he was dead. The next morning Ton-Ton found them with this golf cart called the shrimp harvester. Using that, Chacho was dug out of the bone pit, and all of them escaped.
  • At long last, the boys finally had freedom!
  • On the road to Saint Louis, the boys decided to split up so that Chacho could get medical attention. Matt and Fidelito continued on the journey, but needed to stop when Matt had an asthma attack. Fidelito ran ahead and got help. The boys ended up with Chacho at the Santa Clara convent.
  • Maria and Esperanza told Matt what was happening here in Opium and how he needed to come help us.
  • Matt came back here, where he got to see Celia again. He has earned everything that El Patron had, and is now our leader. I knew he could do it!