Caden Gnoth
Updated: 1/29/2021
Caden Gnoth

Storyboard Text

  • Beginning
  • Where has everyone gone?
  • They left but you can begin walking again with us.
  • Middle
  • Are we there yet?
  • I'm tired
  • We are almost their!
  • End
  • Dad it's me Salva your son
  • Salva? That can't be you
  • Salva is a boy who is extremley a dependent and in needing of his family. One day he is in school, when his village is attacked! His teacher tells everyone to run to the bush, and while Salva listens his family doesn't get to the bush! Now alone Salva joins a group of fellow DInkas and follows them to a barn to sleep. In the morning, he finds himself alone! His group left him! He was extremley scared, nervous, and timid.
  • Salva is forced out of the Ethiopian refugee camp, and into the Gile River, filled with crocodiles! He somehow survive along with 1,500 other boys. Now with this group he decides to lead them to another refugee camp in Kenya. This shows his character growth because he used be a small scared boy. Now he has to lead 1,500 boys to Kenya, like how his Uncle lead his other group. He is now turning into a confident leader, with courage, perseverance, and determination.
  • After arriving to the Ifo refugee camp, Salva is chosen to go to America with his new mom and dad, Louise and Chris. Only a few years after arriving though, Salva gets a message telling him his father is alive! Salva it a mission to visit him and when he does, he finds his father sick with a disease from bad water in a ragged hospital tent. After this bittersweet reunion, Salva decides to try and bring clean water to Southern Sudan. He starts off small until today with 349 wells! This shows the character growth because he used to be a small scared boy, then a determined leader, and now a strong, persevering man who can do anything.