week 1
Updated: 6/2/2020
week 1

Storyboard Text

  • Front Desk at Jasper Radiation Medicine
  • GOOD MORNING, My name is Joe Smith. I am here to see DR Sara for an appointment at 10:00.
  • Sure, let me check you in Joe. I need your ID and DOB please.
  • Jasper Radiation
  • Assessment of Patient
  • Hi, Can you tell me your full name and DOB please?
  • Dr. Sara will be here in a few minutes. Let me check your vitals and ask about your medical history.
  • Ok. That's great. I want you to know that I have a severe cough and trouble breathing.
  • Consultation
  • Hello Joe, I just talked with your PCP and received your test results and CT scan. Based on the results, I'm sorry to say, you have Stage 1A lung cancer. The tumor size is very small and you will be starting treatment at the earliest stage. The best approach is radiation therapy because of your physical condition. The side effects are erythema, esophagitis and dysphagia. Let me know if you decide to start this treatment.
  • It will be 5 days a week, a total of 30 days.
  • We will need your consent first and then you will go to simulation.
  • How long will the treatment be?
  • Ok. I am ready to start treatment. What is next?
  • The patient is checking in for his appointment. Always ask the patient his/her name and date of birth to verify.
  • Simulation
  • I am going to do the simulation. Your treatment will be based off this.
  • Ok Joe, your set up is ready. Make sure to hold on to the poles, try to breathe normal, the table will move into the bore. Once I take the images, you will be done.
  • CT RoomPhilips IQon CT
  • Our patient Joe finished CT. Please start working on his treatment planning and run through QA.
  • The nurse is assessing the patient. She will also ask questions about his medical, family and social history. She will also conduct a nutritional assessment and pain assessment.
  • Physics/Dosimetry
  • I'm on it. When is he going to start his treatment?
  • The doctor is diagnosing the patient with lung cancer after talking to his PCP and test results. Erthyema is redness of skin, esophagitis is inflammation of the esophagus, and dysphagia is difficulty swallowing.
  • Final Step
  • I will talk to a nutritionist and I will come up with a nutrition plan for you. It is important for you to eat healthy.
  • Ok, you guys are very helpful. Thank you. I will see you all Monday.
  • Ok Joe. I will see you Monday for your first day of treatment.
  • The patient will be on a vaclock, supine position withboth hands holding on wing board poles. He will also have a knee wedge for leg support and a F headrest under his neck.
  • Hi, I am Amber, I am your therapist. Can you please tell me your name and DOB.
  • I will be watching you from this room. If you need anything, call my name.
  • Ok, thanks. Sounds good
  • Dr. Sara will start working on patient description which includes total dose, dose per fraction, number of fraction, and possible cone down. The physicist/dosimetrist will work on treatment planning and QA.
  • I am planning to have him start on Monday.
  • The nurse or therapist did not explain the treatment plan because only a doctor has the authority to say many days he will come in for treatment.