Updated: 8/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Maui returns home
  • Maui sees how low the sky is
  • Why is the sky so low it touching the trees.
  • Maui finds a magic potion that would make him grow.
  • This might work
  • Maui returned from fighting his mum's house.
  • He steals the potion.
  • That was easy
  • He realizes that the sky is as low as the trees so he decides to fix it.
  • He drinks it.
  • He finds an old lady and sees a bottle in her hand he steels it without her knowing.
  • He grows and pushes the sky up.
  • Thats better
  • Maui takes the potion from the old lady.
  • Maui drinks all the magic potion.
  • ''Gulp Gulp Gulp''
  • He grows very tall and pushes the sky up very high.