the battle of hastings
Updated: 9/24/2018
the battle of hastings
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  • Harold, when *cough* i die, you will take my place as king of England.
  • Oh yeah baby!!
  • Harold Godwinson, I crown you king of England!!
  • They will come, sooner or later...
  • King Harold Godwinson
  • William Duke of Normandy
  • Harald hardrada ( The Ruthless)
  • Edward the confessor, king of England, died on the 5th of January 1066. He had no children to take his place. However, on his deathbed, he promised Harold Godwinson the throne.
  • We won!
  • Soon after Edward's death, Harold went to be crowned King of England since he lived there. However, he knew that won't be the end of it and that he would have to fight for his place on the throne.
  • Your Majesty, we have news William is waiting to fight us in Hastings!
  • WOOO HOOOO!!!!!
  • There are 3 contenders for the throne: King Harold Godwinson, the king at the moment, William Duke of Normandy, the Anglo Saxon that had been promised the throne by Edward in 1051, and the almighty Harald Hardrada the Viking that was the most feared in Europe.
  • Harald Hardrada and Tostig Godwinson ( king Harold's revengeful brother for taking the throne from him) claimed war first. Although doing so, the Vikings were caught off guard, without armor and were forced to fight unprepared. Due to the current situation, Tostig and Hardrada die and King Harold wins and get to keep his crown.
  • As soon as king Harold Godwinson and his army start to celebrate, he got news William was waiting for him in Hastings. This was unfortunate as Harold and his men had no time to rest and had to start marching on foot to meet William in Hastings because they had no vehicles at that time.
  • Uhh. blooming great!
  • So they set off to Hastings. They had to march 250 miles north to a place near Hastings called 'Battle' where they fought William. Many of Harold's men had been killed off and only had 5-7,000 soldiers to fight and his army were very tired when they got there.
  • welcome to Hastings! 
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