Charlottes web

Updated: 2/1/2019
Charlottes web

Storyboard Text

  • This is the scene where the wise old sheep tells Wilbur why Ferns uncle is feeding him lots and making him very fat for when cold weather comes.
  • I'm sorry to tell you but the farmers are going to kill and eat you when it gets cold.
  • WHAT NOO! I'm to young to die! I love being alive.
  • I'm gonna change that, I think anyone can spin a web. Templeton can you tie a string to my tail.
  • No one can spin can spin a web as good as a spider like me!
  • In this this scene we see Wilbur talking to Charlotte saying pigs can spin webs just as good as a spider.
  • Ok Wilbur if you say so.
  • In this scene we see Ferns brother Avery trying to find the smelly egg hidden by the rat named Templeton. Templeton got the egg from the goose because It didn't hatch.
  • No! my precious rotten egg is getting crushed!
  • No! I have fallen on the food trough which is covering the rotten egg!